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Welcome, fellow adventurers and dungeon delvers, to another exciting installment of our D&D strategy guide! Today, we're delving into the fiery depths of one of the most versatile spells in the arsenal of any aspiring pyromancer: 5e Create Bonfire. Whether you're a seasoned Dungeon Master or a fledgling spellcaster, join us as we ignite the flames of knowledge and uncover the secrets of this scorching spell.

So, grab your spellbook, gather your dnd dice, and let's embark on a celestial journey through 5e Create Bonfire  in the world of Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition!

What Does Create Bonfire 5e Do in D&D?

At its core, D&D 5e Create Bonfire is a cantrip that conjures a small, magical bonfire on the ground within range. But oh, dear reader, it is so much more than a mere source of light and warmth. This spell serves as a potent tool for both offense and defense, capable of turning the tide of battle in your favor with a flick of the wrist and a whispered incantation.

When you cast Create Bonfire, a five-foot cube of flames erupts at a point you can see within range, shedding dim light in a 20-foot radius and creating a zone of hazardous terrain. Any creature in the bonfire's space when you cast the spell or that enters it for the first time on a turn must succeed on a Dexterity saving throw or take fire damage.

But the true beauty of this spell lies in its sustained effect. As long as you concentrate on the spell, you can move the bonfire up to 60 feet in any direction as a bonus action on each of your turns. This allows you to control the battlefield with precision, herding enemies into the flames or denying them access to strategic positions.

The Core Rules: 5e Create Bonfire in D&D 

In the hallowed pages of the Player's Handbook, D&D 5e Create Bonfire is described as a spell that evokes the primal forces of fire, offering both destructive power and utility to those who wield it. Its inclusion as a cantrip ensures that even novice spellcasters can harness the flames to their advantage, while its scalability with higher levels ensures its relevance throughout a character's journey.

But what do players and Dungeon Masters think of this incendiary spell? Let's turn to the community for insights:

  • "Create Bonfire is one of those spells that always seems to come in handy, whether you're clearing out a den of goblins or setting a trap for unsuspecting foes. Its versatility makes it a favorite among both players and DMs." - Reddit user u/FlameSorcerer42

  • "I love using Create Bonfire to create dramatic moments in my campaigns. There's nothing quite like watching the look of panic on my players' faces when they realize they're surrounded by flames with no easy escape." - Dungeon Master, The Dice Shall Decide podcast

  • "As a player, I've found Create Bonfire to be a lifesaver in tight spots. Being able to control the battlefield and deal consistent damage without expending spell slots is invaluable, especially in longer encounters." - Twitter user @D20Dreamer

Overall, it seems that D&D 5e Create Bonfire has earned its place as a staple spell in the arsenal of adventurers everywhere, offering a perfect blend of utility and firepower for those who dare to wield its flames.

dnd 5e create bonfire

5e Create Bonfire

1st-level illusion

Casting Time: 1 action

Range: Self

Components: S, M (a bit of fleece)

Duration: 1 hour

Classes: Druid, Sorcerer, Warlock, Wizard


In Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition (5e), Create Bonfire is a cantrip found within the Player's Handbook, a fundamental tome for players and Dungeon Masters alike. This spell taps into the elemental power of fire, allowing spellcasters to conjure a small but potent bonfire at a point within range that they can see. The bonfire occupies a five-foot cube and emits dim light in a 20-foot radius, illuminating the surrounding area and providing both warmth and visibility.

However, the true strength of 5e Create Bonfire lies in its ability to inflict harm upon foes. Any creature that starts its turn within the bonfire's space or enters it for the first time on a turn must make a Dexterity saving throw. On a failed save, the creature suffers fire damage, while a successful save halves the damage. The spell's damage scales with the caster's level, ensuring its relevance throughout their adventures.

Furthermore, the caster can maintain concentration to move the bonfire up to 60 feet in any direction as a bonus action on each of their turns. This mobility grants them control over the battlefield, allowing them to strategically position the bonfire to hinder enemy movements or force them into hazardous terrain.

Overall, 5e Create Bonfire embodies the essence of fire magic in D&D 5e, offering both utility and offensive capabilities to those who wield its flames with skill and ingenuity.


  • Versatility: 5e Create Bonfire serves multiple purposes, from illuminating dark areas to dealing damage to enemies. Its utility makes it a valuable asset in various situations.

  • Area Control: The ability to move the bonfire allows for strategic placement, enabling the caster to control the battlefield by dictating enemy movement and denying access to certain areas.

  • Consistent Damage: Unlike many cantrips, 5e Create Bonfire deals damage every turn to creatures within its area, providing reliable damage output without expending additional resources.

  • No Attack Roll Required: Since 5e Create Bonfire requires a Dexterity saving throw rather than an attack roll, it bypasses many forms of evasion or defense that creatures may possess, making it effective against agile foes.

  • Combination Potential: 5e Create Bonfire can be combined with other spells or abilities to create synergistic effects, such as pairing it with spells that create difficult terrain or conditions that impede enemy movement.


  • Dexterity Saving Throw: While the Dexterity saving throw mechanic bypasses some forms of defense, creatures with high Dexterity scores or proficiency in Dexterity saving throws may consistently avoid the spell's damage.
  • Limited Damage Potential: 5e Create Bonfire damage output is capped by the caster's level, meaning it may become less effective against higher-level enemies with greater hit points and resistances.

  • Requires Concentration: Like many spells, 5e Create Bonfire requires concentration to maintain, limiting the caster's ability to use other concentration spells simultaneously and leaving them vulnerable to losing concentration in combat.

  • Limited Range: The spell's range is limited to 60 feet, requiring the caster to be within close proximity to the target area for effective use, which may pose risks in certain combat situations.

  • Environmental Constraints: In environments where fire may be hazardous or restricted, such as underwater or in highly flammable areas, 5e Create Bonfire effectiveness may be severely limited or even rendered useless.

5e Create Bonfire - Damage Chart and Compatible Classes

In Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition, several classes have access to the Create Bonfire spell. These classes include:

  1. Druid : Nature-loving druids harness the primal forces of nature, including the power of fire. Create Bonfire fits well within their repertoire of spells, allowing them to manipulate flames to their advantage in both combat and exploration.

  2. Sorcerer : Sorcerers possess innate magical abilities, drawing their power from their bloodline or a mysterious font of magic. With their affinity for manipulating magical energy, sorcerers can easily conjure and control the flames of a bonfire to suit their needs.

  3. Warlock : Pact-bound warlocks forge agreements with otherworldly entities, gaining access to eldritch powers beyond mortal comprehension. Among their repertoire of spells, Create Bonfire offers a simple yet effective means of harnessing destructive fire magic.

  4. Wizard : Scholars and arcanists of the arcane, wizards study and master the intricate weave of magic itself. 5e Create Bonfire is but one of many spells they can learn, providing them with a versatile tool for both offense and utility.

While these are the primary classes that can learn 5e Create Bonfire, it's worth noting that some subclasses or character options may grant access to additional spell lists, potentially expanding the pool of classes capable of casting this fiery spell. Additionally, multiclassing can also open up access to 5e Create Bonfire for characters who wish to dabble in different magical traditions.

Damage Chart for 5e Create Bonfire

Here's a damage chart for the Create Bonfire spell in Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition, showcasing the damage it deals depending on the caster's level:

Caster Level Damage
1st 1d8
5th 2d8
11th 3d8
17th 4d8

This chart represents the base damage of 5e Create Bonfire, which scales with the caster's level. At 1st level, the spell deals 1d8 fire damage to creatures that fail their Dexterity saving throw. As the caster gains levels, the damage increases, reaching a maximum of 4d8 fire damage at 17th level.

It's important to note that this damage assumes the creature fails its saving throw. If the creature succeeds on its Dexterity saving throw, it takes half damage. Additionally, factors such as the caster's spellcasting ability modifier or any relevant feats or features can further modify the spell's damage output.

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Breakdown of how each class can access 5e Create Bonfire

Here's a breakdown of how each class can access the 5e Create Bonfire spell in Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition:

  1. Druid:
    • At 0 Level : Druids automatically have access to 5e Create Bonfire as a cantrip upon reaching 1st level.
  2. Sorcerer:
    • At 0 Level : Sorcerers can select 5e Create Bonfire as one of their cantrips when they gain access to cantrips at 1st level.
  3. Warlock:
    • At 0 Level : Warlocks can choose 5e Create Bonfire as one of their cantrips when they gain access to cantrips at 1st level.
  4. Wizard:
    • At 0 Level : Wizards can select 5e Create Bonfire as one of their cantrips when they gain access to cantrips at 1st level.

Each of these classes offers unique thematic and mechanical contexts for the use of 5e Create Bonfire. Druids may conjure the bonfire with an emphasis on nature and the elements, while sorcerers may manifest it through their innate magical talents. Warlocks might call upon their patrons for the power to create flames, and wizards may meticulously study the spell's formulae and incantations to weave it into their spellbooks.

Additionally, certain subclasses, feats, or class features may grant access to Create Bonfire or increase its potency in specific classes. For example, a Circle of Wildfire Druid might have enhanced abilities related to fire magic, while a Draconic Bloodline Sorcerer might empower their 5e Create Bonfire spell with draconic energy. Always consult your class features and options to see how they might interact with and enhance spells like Create Bonfire.

d&d 5e create bonfire


Use 5e Create Bonfire strategically to control the battlefield and dictate the flow of combat. Place the bonfire in chokepoints, doorways, or other strategic locations to limit enemy movement and force them into unfavorable positions. By controlling the battlefield, you can create advantageous situations for your party and mitigate threats from enemies.

The Strategy Behind 5e Create Bonfire

Utilizing the Create Bonfire spell effectively requires strategic thinking and careful planning. Here's a comprehensive strategy guide to make the most out of this versatile spell:

  1. Zone Control :

    • Use 5e Create Bonfire to control the battlefield by placing it in strategic locations such as chokepoints, doorways, or areas with flammable obstacles. This can limit enemy movement options and force them to navigate through hazardous terrain.
  2. Tactical Positioning :

    • Position the bonfire to maximize its effectiveness. Placing it in the midst of enemy formations can force them to either endure the flames or risk taking damage by moving out of its area of effect.
  3. Combination Attacks :

    • Combine 5e Create Bonfire with other spells or abilities to create devastating combos. Spells like Grease or Entangle can create difficult terrain, increasing the likelihood of enemies failing their Dexterity saving throws and taking damage from the bonfire.
  4. Area Denial :

    • Create a barrier of flames to deny enemies access to certain areas of the battlefield. This can be particularly effective for controlling the flow of combat and protecting vulnerable allies or objectives.
  5. Interference and Distraction :

    • Use 5e Create Bonfire as a distraction or to disrupt enemy spellcasters. Placing the bonfire near enemy spellcasters can force them to make concentration checks, potentially disrupting their spells or causing them to lose concentration.
  6. Environmental Hazards :

    • Take advantage of 5e Create Bonfire ability to ignite flammable objects. Use it to set fire to obstacles, create diversions, or trigger traps, turning the environment itself into a weapon against your foes.
  7. Scouting and Ambushes :

    • Use 5e Create Bonfire to create distractions or signals during stealth missions or ambushes. Placing the bonfire in a remote location or enemy encampment can draw attention away from your party or create a diversion to cover your escape.
  8. Roleplaying Opportunities :

    • Don't overlook the roleplaying potential of Create Bonfire. Use it to light campfires, cook meals, or create a cozy atmosphere during downtime. Your fellow adventurers will appreciate the warmth and camaraderie, and it might even earn you some favor with the locals.
  9. By incorporating these strategies into your gameplay, you can wield the fiery power of Create Bonfire with precision and effectiveness, turning the tide of battle in your favor and earning the admiration of your fellow adventurers.

create bonfire 5e light

5e Create Bonfire - Keeping the Party Warm.

A DM's Guide to Create Bonfire DnD 5e

As a Dungeon Master, incorporating the Create Bonfire spell into your game can add depth, challenge, and excitement to your encounters. Here's a guide tailored specifically for DMs on how to effectively utilize this spell:

  1. Environmental Challenges :

    • Use Create Bonfire to create environmental challenges for your players. Place flammable objects or obstacles within the area of effect of the bonfire, forcing players to strategize and find creative solutions to navigate the terrain safely.
  2. Enemy Tactics :

    • Incorporate enemy spellcasters who utilize Create Bonfire strategically in combat. Intelligent adversaries may use the spell to control the battlefield, deny access to certain areas, or force players into unfavorable positions.
  3. Dynamic Combat Encounters :

    • Design dynamic combat encounters that leverage the versatility of Create Bonfire. Introduce environmental hazards such as oil slicks, dry brush, or wooden structures that can be ignited by the bonfire, adding an extra layer of complexity to the encounter.
  4. Terrain Alteration :

    • Use Create Bonfire to dynamically alter the terrain during encounters. Players may find themselves having to contend with rapidly spreading flames, collapsing structures, or hazardous terrain created by the spell, adding tension and urgency to the situation.
  5. Puzzle and Trap Design :

    • Incorporate Create Bonfire into puzzles and traps to challenge your players' problem-solving skills. Create puzzles that require players to manipulate fire or extinguish flames using the spell, or design traps that trigger when the bonfire is cast in certain locations.
  6. Environmental Storytelling :

    • Use Create Bonfire to enhance environmental storytelling in your game. Describe the flickering light and crackling flames of the bonfire, the scent of smoke in the air, and the way shadows dance across the walls, immersing your players in the scene and setting the mood for the encounter.
  7. Roleplaying Opportunities :

    • Provide roleplaying opportunities for players to interact with NPCs who use or are affected by Create Bonfire. Villagers may seek the players' help to extinguish out-of-control fires, while fire-worshipping cultists may revere the players as champions of their deity's sacred flame.
  8. Rewarding Creativity :

    • Reward players for creative and strategic use of Create Bonfire in combat and exploration. Grant inspiration, bonus experience, or in-game rewards for clever tactics, resourceful problem-solving, or roleplaying moments that showcase the spell's utility.

By incorporating these DM strategies, you can harness the full potential of Create Bonfire to create memorable and engaging experiences for your players, challenging them to think creatively, overcome obstacles, and immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of your game world.

Spells that that share similarities with Create Bonfire 5e

In Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition, several spells share similarities with Create Bonfire in terms of mechanics, theme, or utility. Here are some spells that players and Dungeon Masters may find comparable or complementary to Create Bonfire:

  1. Produce Flame :

    • Like Create Bonfire, Produce Flame is a cantrip that allows spellcasters to conjure fire. While Produce Flame primarily serves as an offensive spell, allowing the caster to hurl flames at enemies, it can also be used to provide illumination and ignite objects.
  2. Flaming Sphere :

    • Flaming Sphere is a 2nd-level spell that creates a sphere of fire that can be controlled by the caster and used to ram into enemies, dealing fire damage. While it requires concentration like Create Bonfire, Flaming Sphere offers more direct offensive capabilities and can be moved around the battlefield to target multiple foes.
  3. Wall of Fire :

    • Wall of Fire is a 4th-level spell that creates a wall of fire in a designated area. Similar to Create Bonfire, it deals fire damage to creatures that pass through or start their turn within its area of effect. Wall of Fire offers more potent damage and can be used defensively to block off areas or force enemies into specific directions.
  4. Fireball :

    • Fireball is a classic offensive spell that creates a fiery explosion in a designated area, dealing fire damage to all creatures within its radius. While Fireball lacks the sustained damage and control of Create Bonfire, it offers immense burst damage and area-of-effect potential, making it effective for clearing out groups of enemies.
  5. Control Flames :

    • Control Flames is a cantrip that allows spellcasters to manipulate existing flames. While it doesn't create fire like Create Bonfire, Control Flames can be used to extinguish, brighten, or shape flames within its range, offering utility and versatility in environments with existing sources of fire.
  6. Continual Flame :

    • Continual Flame is a 2nd-level spell that creates a permanent flame on an object, such as a torch or piece of wood. While it doesn't deal damage like Create Bonfire, Continual Flame provides a reliable source of illumination that can be used creatively in exploration or as a signaling tool.

These spells offer a range of options for players and Dungeon Masters looking to incorporate fire magic into their adventures, each with its own unique mechanics, strengths, and applications. Whether you're seeking sustained damage, area control, or utility, there's a fire spell in D&D 5e to suit your needs.

Create Bonfire

Strategic Considerations: 

One strategic consideration when using spells like Create Bonfire in Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition is the environment in which the encounter takes place.

Environmental Factors:

  • Flammability: Assess the flammability of the surroundings. In dry forests or wooden structures, Create Bonfire can quickly escalate into a raging inferno, potentially causing unintended consequences such as environmental hazards, collateral damage, or even drawing unwanted attention.

Winter's Embrace: A Tale of Survival - 5e Create Bonfire

In the heart of a treacherous mountain range, a band of adventurers found themselves stranded in the midst of a fierce blizzard. With each gust of wind, the biting cold threatened to sap their strength and freeze their resolve. Desperate to survive, they huddled together, seeking refuge from the icy grip of winter.

But as the snow continued to fall relentlessly, their situation grew dire. Their supplies dwindled, and their spirits wavered. It was then that their clever wizard, Alara, remembered a spell tucked away in her grimoire – Create Bonfire.

With a whispered incantation, Alara conjured a small but comforting flame at their feet. The bonfire crackled and danced, casting a warm glow that thawed their frozen limbs and lifted their weary hearts. As the fire burned brightly, they gathered around it, sharing tales of past adventures and dreams of the journeys yet to come.

But the bonfire was more than just a source of warmth – it was a beacon of hope in the darkest of nights. With each passing hour, the adventurers stoked the flames higher, warding off the chill and kindling the flames of camaraderie.

As dawn broke over the snow-capped peaks, the blizzard finally subsided, and the party emerged from their makeshift camp stronger and more determined than ever. With the memory of the Create Bonfire spell burning brightly in their minds, they pressed onward, ready to face whatever challenges lay ahead in their quest for glory and treasure.


In conclusion, the Create Bonfire spell in Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition is far more than just a flicker of flame on the battlefield. It's a versatile tool that can be wielded with precision and creativity to control the flow of combat, manipulate the environment, and enhance the overall gameplay experience. By mastering the strategic considerations, tactical tips, and creative applications outlined in this guide, players and Dungeon Masters alike can unlock the full potential of Create Bonfire, turning the sparks of imagination into roaring flames of adventure. So go forth, brave adventurers, and let the fires of creativity guide your path to victory in the world of D&D!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is 5e create bonfire magical?

Yes, Create Bonfire is a magical spell in Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition. It falls under the category of cantrips, which are minor spells that spellcasters can cast at will without expending spell slots. As a magical spell, Create Bonfire conjures a small, magical bonfire at a designated point within range, shedding light and emitting heat as well as dealing fire damage to creatures within its area of effect. The spell's magical nature allows it to persist as long as the caster maintains concentration, giving them control over its movement and duration.

Does create bonfire in D&D create light?

Yes, Create Bonfire in Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition does create light. According to the spell description, when you cast Create Bonfire, it conjures a small bonfire on the ground within range. This bonfire sheds dim light in a 20-foot radius and creates a zone of hazardous terrain. So, not only does the spell create a source of heat and fire damage, but it also provides illumination in dark environments, making it useful for exploration as well as combat situations.

Is 5e Create Bonfire a cantrip

Yes, Create Bonfire is a cantrip in Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition. Cantrips are minor spells that spellcasters can cast at will, without expending spell slots. This means that characters who know Create Bonfire can cast it as often as they like, provided they have the necessary components and are not otherwise incapacitated. As a cantrip, Create Bonfire is a versatile tool that spellcasters can use repeatedly for tasks such as providing light, heating food, or dealing damage in combat.

Can Create Bonfire ignite flammable objects?

Yes, according to the spell description, Create Bonfire can ignite flammable objects within its area of effect. This feature can be useful for setting traps, creating distractions, or interacting with the environment in creative ways.

Does Create Bonfire require fuel to maintain?

No, 5e Create Bonfire does not require fuel to maintain. Once cast, the bonfire persists as long as the caster maintains concentration, allowing them to move it around as needed without additional resources.

Can Create Bonfire be used underwater or in other non-flammable environments?

While Create Bonfire can technically be cast underwater, its effectiveness may be limited as fire does not propagate well in water. Additionally, in environments where there is no flammable material available, such as barren stone caves, the spell's utility may be reduced.

Does Create Bonfire deal damage to structures or objects?

The spell description specifies that Create Bonfire deals fire damage to creatures within its area of effect, but it does not mention damage to structures or objects. As with all spells, the Dungeon Master has discretion over how environmental interactions are resolved in their game.

Can Create Bonfire be dispelled or counterspelled?

Create Bonfire is a magical spell and can be dispelled or counterspelled like any other spell. However, since it is a cantrip, it can be cast again by the spellcaster on subsequent turns if dispelled or countered.