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Archaic Dark Red Dice

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Why Archaic Red and Black Dice

Our customized gaming dice offer an unparalleled level of personalization, ensuring that your gaming accessories reflect your unique style. Dual-tone dice sets for easy readability, our dice are both practical and visually striking, making every roll an exciting moment. Choose our red and black dice and let them be the centerpiece of your gaming nights, where strategy, luck, and style converge.

What you get:

1 x D4
1 x D6
1 x D8
1 x D10
1 x D12
1 x D20
1 x Percentile

Each dice is a key to unlocking the doors of destiny, ideal for the bold D&D enthusiast ready to challenge the gods of luck and strategy. As you wield the Archaic Red and Black Dice, let the power of these mystical dice weave your fate and fortune with every roll, casting spells of protection, striking down foes, or negotiating with creatures from realms beyond. The contrast of red and black dice symbolizes the ever-present balance between chaos and order, danger and opportunity, guiding your journey through epic quests and legendary battles.

This set is a standard 16 mm polyhedral red and black dice set for TTRPG Dice such as pathfinder or dungeons and dragons for fans or critical role.

Venturing into unknown realms with Archaic Red and Black Dice

Where fate hangs by the thread of a dice roll, with our red and black dice set - the chosen artifact of champions and rogues alike. Crafted in the shadows of ancient, mystical forges and bathed in the blood of dragons, these dice are not merely tools but companions on the path to glory. Their deep, swirling reds and stark, mysterious blacks encapsulate the very essence of adventure, embodying the fire of battles and the darkness of untold secrets waiting in the dungeons deep.

So gather your party, set forth on a journey scripted by the ancients, and let the red and black dice set be your guide through the twisting paths of fate. Whether facing down a cunning beholder or navigating the intricate politics of the court of the Elf King, these dice are your talisman, ensuring that your story is one of triumph, friendship, and adventure. Let the legend begin, one roll at a time.


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