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Welcome to the Festive Holiday Collection, where the spirit of the holidays meets the adventure of Dungeons & Dragons. Our curated selection of holiday-themed D&D gifts, from snowflake-embellished dice sets to Yuletide adventure modules, brings cheer and magic to your gaming table. Perfect for gifting or creating memorable holiday campaigns, these treasures are sure to fill your festive season with wonder and excitement. Join the celebration and let the merry adventures begin!

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Christmas Mystery Dice DnD Dice Holidays - Mystery Dice Goblin

Christmas Mystery Dice DnD Dice Holidays

£8.00 GBP
Mystery Christmas Dice! Give the gift of mystery dice for Christmas! Quantity: Total 7 pcs of polyhedral dice What you get: 1 x D4 1 x D6 1 x D8...
Mystery Dice Gift Cards - Mystery Dice Goblin

Mystery Dice Gift Cards

£10.00 GBP – £100.00 GBP
Mystery Dice Gift Cards are a unique and exciting way to give someone a gift Dungeons and Dragons themed card, the gift card comes in four denominations. 
DnD Fourth July Gift Box - Mystery Dice Goblin

DnD Fourth July Gift Box

£18.00 GBP£17.00 GBP
Looking for that extra special dnd Fourth July Gift? Look no further! Each Box Contains: 1. DnD Mystery Bag, containing full set of 7 Red, White & Blue dice 2....

About our DnD Holiday Collection

Our DnD Holiday Collection consist of resin, metal and gemstone dice along with creating unique cards and gifts.

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Here are some of the most asked questions about DnD Birthday Gifts:
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