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Organise your dnd dice with one of our dice bags, either your looking for a dragon dice bag, d20 dice bag or a dice bag with pockets. Never loose a die again!
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DnD Dice Bag with Pockets for Dungeons and Dragons sold by Mystery Dice Goblin

DnD Dice Bag with Pockets

£22.00 GBP – £45.00 GBP
Our DnD Dice Bag with Pockets has seven specifically stitched compartments, so each individual dice can have its own space, perfect if you prefer to keep your Dungeons and Dragons...
Dnd Crazy For Cats Set | Dungeon and Dragons, Mystery Dice Cats Box, includes mystery dice packs, never the same sets | DnD Dice - MysteryDiceGoblins

Dnd Crazy For Cats Set

£30.00 GBP
Crazy For Cats Gift Set! Included: 1 x Mystery Bag of Dice 1 x Cat Dice Tray (colours vary) 1 x Cat Dice Holder/Mascot 5 x Cat Pins Mystery Bag...
DnD Dice Bag of Holding - Dungeons and Dragons Bag capacity 5+ Dice Sets - Great for Dice Goblins | Green or Red | Velvet - MysteryDiceGoblins

DnD Dice Bag of Holding

£15.00 GBP – £20.00 GBP
⚠️ Please note: The dice and props pictured are not included in the sale, they are for demonstration only. ⚠️ See what else we have got to offer https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/MysteryDiceGoblins More...
Dungeons and Dragons Black Leather Mystery Blind Folder of DnD Dice 5 Piece Matching Polyhedral Sets, Pathfinder, Tabletop RPGs, dnd dice

Black Leather Mystery Blind Folder

£35.00 GBP
 Excellent quality Dungeons and Dragons Mystery Dice Folder, containing 5 sets of matching dnd dice from our collection of over 100+ types What you get: 5 sets of dnd dice:...
Dnd Wooden Engraved Dice Case Dungeons and Dragons Dice Box Dice Holder D&D Gift - MysteryDiceGoblins

Dnd Wooden Engraved Dice Case

£30.00 GBP – £35.00 GBP
Dnd Wooden Engraved Dice Case with or without dice Processing time: We need 1-3 days to prepare your order, normal express shipping time is within a week After sales: 1:...
Faux Leather Hexagonal dice case - Mystery Dice Goblin

Faux Leather Hexagonal dice case

£13.00 GBP – £20.00 GBP
Designed especially to keep your dice set safe and secure. Sturdy on the outside, the inside is filled with soft foam, available in black. The foam hugs your dice gently,...
Dragon Dice Bag - Mystery Dice Goblin

Orange Dragon Dice Bag

£15.00 GBP
PU Leather Snake Skin Dragon Dice Bag affect dice bag, able to hold roughly 4 sets of dice - making a perfect gift! Dragon Leather Dice Bag - DND dice bag...
Luxury PU Faux Leather Dungeons and Dragons Themed Dice Shaker Tumbler With Gold Foil Design Dnd - MysteryDiceGoblins

Dnd Dice Roller

£15.00 GBP
This exquisitely crafted tumbler has a leather finish complemented by a luxurious, leather-lined interior, embellished with gold accents.Exceptionally durable and long-lasting, this dice cup is an essential item for any...
DND Black Skull Dice Bag | Snake Skin Effect | Black PU Leather | D&D Dice Bag | Pathfinder, Dungeons and Dragons, Tabletop Games

DND Black Skull Dice Bag

£8.00 GBP
A PU leather with skull print (artificial leather) dice bag with toggle - Is able to hold roughly 3 sets of dice. Measures approx 14cm long and 8cm wide with...
Blue Dragon Dice Bag - Mystery Dice Goblin

Blue Dragon Dice Bag

£15.00 GBP
PU Leather Snake Skin Dragon Dice Bag affect dice bag, able to hold roughly 4 sets of dice - making a perfect gift! Dragon Leather Dice Bag - DND dice bag...

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FAQ dice bag UK

Here are some of the most asked questions about Dungeons and Dragons:
What is a D&D Dice Bag?

D&D dice bags were initially designed for players to conveniently carry their dice. They are typically made of soft fabric and may include pouches and pockets to separate the dice, protecting them from damage​​.

Why Do You Need a Dice Bag?

Dice bags are useful for preventing the loss of dice, keeping them organized, protecting valuable dice, and to be the ultimate dice goblin. They are particularly handy for players who attend events or play outside their home​​.

What to Look for in a Quality D&D Dice Bag?

When choosing a dice bag, consider the design, size, closure type, and material. Bags come in various designs and sizes, with most using a drawstring closure. Materials like satin and velvet are recommended for protecting valuable dice​​.

Materials Used in Dice Bags:

Dice bags are traditionally made from cloth or fabric, which is affordable and protects the dice from scuffs and scratches. Velvet bags with soft satin linings are common. Leather, faux leather, and even anodized aluminum (used in chain mail bags) are other popular materials. Anodized aluminum, despite being metal, is smooth and effectively protects the dice. The choice of material can affect both the price and the style of the bag​​.

Do I Need a Dice Bag?

While not a necessity, dice bags are a practical and stylish solution for storing and transporting dnd dice. They're especially useful as your collection grows. For small collections, dice can be kept in the original plastic box or organza bag, but larger collections may require better solutions. Alternatives to dice bags include Tupperware containers, bead organizers, or dice boxes. Ultimately, the choice of using a dice bag is a matter of personal preference and convenience​​.

dnd dice bag diy
  1. Choose Your Material: Select a fabric like cotton, velvet, or leather. Consider the texture and durability of the material.
  2. Cut the Fabric: Determine the size of your bag and cut two pieces of fabric to this size. A standard size could be around 8x8 inches for each piece, but you can adjust based on your preference.
  3. Sew the Sides: Place the two pieces of fabric together, right sides facing each other. Sew along the edges, leaving the top open. Leave a small gap in one of the seams for turning the bag right side out.
  4. Create a Channel for the Drawstring: Fold the top edge down to create a channel for the drawstring. Sew around, making sure the channel is wide enough for your drawstring.
  5. Turn the Bag Right Side Out: Use the gap you left in the seam to turn the bag right side out.
  6. Add the Drawstring: Use a safety pin to thread a ribbon, cord, or leather string through the channel. Once threaded, tie the ends of the drawstring together.
  7. Optional Customizations: Add pockets, embroidery, or other decorative elements to personalize your dice bag.