DnD Dice Bag with Pockets

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Our DnD Dice Bag with Pockets has seven specifically stitched compartments, so each individual dice can have its own space, perfect if you prefer to keep your Dungeons and Dragons dice in tidy order.

This means that when you bring it to the table, all you have to do is pull the drawstring and your dice will be easily accessible in a matter of seconds, dice bag with pockets makes it the perfect bag of holding.

SIZE: The size of this DnD dice bag with pockets is sure to amaze! It features a round base measuring at 160mm (6.3in) and an opening diameter of 220mm (8.67in), while being 110mm (4.3in) tall, this is a dnd dice bag large

Please note: The dice and props pictured are not included in the sale, they are for demonstration only, unless you purchase one of the extra packages.

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