DnD Digital Resources

Here is a full list of dnd 5e  resources to help players and DMs play D&D without breaking the bank. Various resources offer adventures; dnd character sheet, maps, rules, and even dnd tokens

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D100 DnD Roll Chart - Mystery Dice Goblin

D100 DnD Roll Chart

£4.50 GBP£3.50 GBP
The perfect Dungeon Master companion, over 170 D100 DnD Roll Chart. This printable D100 Sheet is perfect for World Building, inspiration or adding some fun to your dnd camapign. Designed...
DnD Druid Character Sheet - Mystery Dice Goblin

DnD Druid Character Sheet

£2.00 GBP
The untamed beauty of the natural world with our Wild Druid Character Sheet, carefully designed for nature-loving Dungeons & Dragons players. This character sheet is your essential companion on your...
DnD Sorcerer Character Sheet - Mystery Dice Goblin

DnD Sorcerer Character Sheet

£2.00 GBP
Harness the raw power of magic with our Arcane Sorcerer Character Sheet, meticulously crafted for Dungeons & Dragons players who channel the unbridled forces of sorcery. This character sheet is...
DnD Character Sheet 5e - Mystery Dice Goblin

DnD Character Sheet 5e

£20.00 GBP£15.00 GBP
Unleash your creativity, choose your path, and embark on an epic adventure with our Versatile Character Sheet, expertly designed for all types of Dungeons & Dragons players. Whether you're a...
dnd bandit token

DnD Bandit Token - Downloadable

£2.50 GBP
DnD Bandit Tokens are a must-have accessory for digital tabletop gaming enthusiasts. These tokens are meticulously crafted digital representations of various bandits and villains, designed to add depth and realism...
21 DnD Tokens - Downloadable - Mystery Dice Goblin

21 Familiar DnD Tokens - Downloadable

£2.50 GBP
101 Downloadable Familiar DnD TokensImmerse your players in your virtual role playing game our Dungeons & Dragons Familiar DnD Token! Illustrate your encounters with gorgeous artwork of some of the...
Jungle Bundle: Battle Maps & Sounds - Mystery Dice Goblin

Jungle Bundle: Battle Maps & Sounds

£0.00 GBP
INSTANT DOWNLOADNo physical items will be shipped. After purchase you will be able to download the files, the file will be in zip format, you need to extract them before...
DnD Character Sheet - Wizard - Mystery Dice Goblin

DnD Character Sheet - Wizard

£2.50 GBP
Custom DnD Character Sheet PDF Character sheets for D&D 5th Edition.A DnD Character Sheet is a vital tool for any player looking to create and track their wizard character's progress throughout...
DnD Goblin Token - Mystery Dice Goblin

DnD Goblin Token 5e - Downloadable

£2.50 GBP
Bring your digital Dungeons & Dragons gaming experience to life with DnD Goblin Token Pack 5e. Equip your encounters with photorealistic depictions of frequently encountered lower-level monsters from the fantasy...
101 DnD NPC Token - Downloadable - Mystery Dice Goblin

101 DnD NPC Token - Downloadable

£3.50 GBP
101 Downloadable NPC TokenImmerse your players in your virtual role playing game our Dungeons & Dragons NPC Token Pack! Illustrate your encounters with gorgeous artwork of some of the most...
31 DnD Ship Tokens - Downloadable | Dungeons & Dragons Token | Roll20 | Foundry VTT | Fantasy Grounds | Battle Map Tokens - MysteryDiceGoblins

31 DnD Ship Tokens - Downloadable

£1.99 GBP
Ahoy there, adventurers! If you're a Dungeon Master or player immersed in the world of Dungeons and Dragons, you know that adding depth and excitement to your campaigns is a...
DnD Paladin 5e Character Sheet - Mystery Dice Goblin

Paladin 5e Character Sheet

£2.00 GBP
Step into the shining armor of righteousness and embark on a noble quest with our Valorous Paladin 5e dnd Character Sheet, meticulously crafted for fearless Dungeons & Dragons players. Designed to...

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FAQ DnD Digital Resources

Here are some of the most asked questions about Dungeons and Dragons:
How do I use the dnd Tokens?

Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) tokens are used in tabletop role-playing games to represent characters, creatures, or objects on a battle map or grid during combat encounters. Here's how to use D&D tokens effectively:

Acquire Tokens:

  • You can use physical tokens like miniature figures, cardboard standees, or printed images.
  • Some groups prefer using digital tokens (EG dnd Goblin Token 5e or dnd ship tokens) through virtual tabletop (VTT) platforms like Roll20 or Fantasy Grounds.

Map Setup:

  • Assign a token to each player character (PC) and any non-player characters (NPCs) involved in the encounter.
  • Choose tokens that visually represent the characters or creatures they represent.
How can I make my own dnd tokens?

Creating your own Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) tokens can be a fun and creative process. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to make your own custom D&D tokens:

Materials You'll Need:

  1. Images or Artwork: Find or create images or artwork representing characters, creatures, or objects you want to turn into tokens. These can be illustrations, photographs, or digital art.
  2. Token Bases: You'll need something to serve as the base for your tokens. Options include:
  3. Glue: Use glue to attach the images or artwork to the token bases.
  4. Scissors or Craft Knife: To cut out the images or artwork neatly.
  5. Laminator (Optional): If you want to make your tokens more durable, consider laminating them.
  6. Clear Plastic Tokens (Optional): You can find blank, clear plastic tokens designed for creating custom tokens. These can be a convenient option.

Steps to Create Custom D&D Tokens:

  1. Choose and Prepare Artwork:
  2. Print or Cut Artwork:
  3. Attach Artwork:
  4. Laminate (Optional):
  5. Trim Edges (If Necessary):
  6. Label and Customize (Optional):
  7. Protect and Store:

With these steps, you can create your own personalized D&D tokens to enhance your tabletop gaming experience. Whether you're using them for combat encounters or to represent characters and creatures on the battlefield, custom tokens can add a unique and immersive element to your D&D sessions.

How can I make my own dnd maps?

Creating your own custom Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) maps can be a rewarding and creative endeavor. Here are the steps to make your own D&D maps:

Materials You'll Need:

  1. Grid Paper or Map-Making Software: You can choose between traditional grid paper or digital map-making software. Both options work well depending on your preferences and resources.
  2. Drawing Supplies (for Traditional Maps): If you're using grid paper, you'll need drawing supplies like pencils, pens, markers, and erasers.
  3. Computer and Graphics Software (for Digital Maps): If you prefer digital map-making, you'll need a computer and graphics software such as Adobe Photoshop, GIMP, or dedicated map-making software like Dungeon Painter Studio or Wonderdraft.

Steps to Create D&D Maps:

1. Plan Your Map:

  • Decide the purpose of your map: Is it for a specific encounter, an entire dungeon, or a world map? Knowing your map's purpose will guide your design.
  • Sketch a rough outline of the map's layout, including key features like rooms, corridors, terrain, and obstacles.

2. Choose Your Scale:

  • Determine the scale of your map. For battle maps, a 1-inch grid representing 5 feet is common. World maps might have larger scales.

3. Grid Paper (Traditional Maps):

  • Use grid paper with the appropriate scale for your map.
  • Sketch the map's layout and features using pencils. Start with rough shapes and gradually refine details.

4. Digital Maps:

  • If using map-making software (Inkarnate) , create a new canvas with the desired dimensions and grid.
  • Use drawing tools to create terrain, objects, and structures. These software options often provide pre-made assets to use in your maps.
  • Add details, labels, and annotations to enhance the map's storytelling.

5. Add Features:

  • Populate your map with important features like doors, chests, traps, furniture, or environmental hazards.
  • Consider how lighting, shadows, and elevation can affect the map's atmosphere and gameplay.

6. Color and Texture (Digital Maps):

  • Use colors, textures, and shading to give depth and realism to your digital map.
  • Add textures for terrain (e.g., grass, stone) and customize colors to distinguish different areas.

7. Labels and Legends:

  • Label key locations, areas, and objects on the map. Create a legend or key to explain symbols or icons you've used.

8. Test and Revise:

  • Playtest your map with your D&D group to ensure it works as intended. Make adjustments based on player feedback and gameplay experiences.

9. Finalize and Share:

  • Once you're satisfied with your map, finalize it by cleaning up any stray lines or marks.
  • Share your map with your gaming group, either as a printed handout or digitally, depending on your chosen format.

Remember that map-making is an art, and practice will improve your skills over time. There are also numerous online resources and tutorials available to help you hone your map-making abilities and create visually engaging and immersive D&D maps for your campaigns.

Can I reuse your tokens and maps commercially.

We do not currently allow anyone to re-use our digital resources commercially, unless it is for charity.