DnD Circular Dice Tray

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Compact dice rolling tray suitable for Dungeons and Dragons role playing games, each tray combines a coloured PU leather with a reinforced insert to produce a solid rolling surface ready to deliver nat20s. Tabletop Dice Tray.

Foldable Leather DnD Dice Tray, just pop together for use then un-pop to return to flat. When assembled, trays "rolling" area is 13cm and 6cm tall. Keep your dice together and stop rolling off the table, with your new themed dice tray

Fitted studs allow you to raise the side walls should the roll call for it, after all you cannot control a raging barbarian only contain them. From DND to Pathfinder, Characters to Games Masters these trays will catch your enemies by surprise after all these are definitely not your goblins trays. Guaranteed to turn heads when they open onto the table.

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