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Never chase after a loose die again! Different variations include leather dice trays, faux dice tray, and while you are here how about a dice bag with pockets
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DnD Square Dice Tray - Mystery Dice Goblin

Plateau de dés carré DnD

Plateau à dés compact adapté aux jeux de rôle Donjons et Dragons, chaque plateau combine un cuir PU coloré avec un insert renforcé pour produire une surface de roulement solide...
Mystery Blind Box of Dice - Mystery Dice Goblin

Boîte de dés aveugle mystère

Boîte à dés mystère Donjons et Dragons d'excellente qualité, contenant 5 jeux de dés DND assortis de notre collection de plus de 100 types Vous ne recevrez jamais de doublons,...
DnD Circular Dice Tray - Mystery Dice Goblin

Plateau de dés circulaire DnD

Plateau à dés compact adapté aux jeux de rôle Donjons et Dragons, chaque plateau combine un cuir PU coloré avec un insert renforcé pour produire une surface de roulement solide...
Leather Dice Tray - Mystery Dice Goblin

Parchemin de tapis de dés DnD

$22.00From $16.00
Dungeons and Dragon Scrolling DnD Mat, un tapis de dés enroulable en cuir PU avec section de rangement zippée. Cadeau DnD parfait pour les jeux de table en déplacement ; il...
Skull Dice Tray DnD Handmade | Dice Box | Dungeons And Dragons | DND Gift | Fabric Dice Tray

Plateau de dés DnD Skull fait à la main

From $24.00
Plateau de dés fait main d’excellente qualité Temps de traitement : Nous avons besoin de 1 à 3 jours pour préparer votre commande, le délai d'expédition express normal est d'une semaine...

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FAQ DnD Dice Tray

Here are some of the most asked questions about Dungeons and Dragons:
What Should I Look for in a Dice Tray?

When selecting a dice tray, consider the material for durability, size for your needs, portability for travel, and price. Different trays come in various shapes and sizes, with a range in price from affordable to luxury​​.

How Do You Make Homemade Dice Trays?

To make a homemade dice tray, you need materials like sturdy wood (like plywood), sandpaper, a saw, paint or varnish, and optionally, felt lining. Cut the wood to your desired shape and size, sand the edges, and then paint or varnish. A picture frame lined with a soft material can also serve as a simple DIY dice tray​​.

What Are Some Other Uses for Dice Trays?

Beyond rolling dice, trays can be used as tray tables for drinks and snacks, for storing small items like keys and coins, and for organizing game pieces. They also make great gifts for gamers​​.

How Do You Use a Dice Tray?

To use a dice tray, simply place the dice inside and roll them. The tray's raised lip helps contain the dice and prevent them from rolling off the table​​.

Do I Need a Dice Tray?

A dice tray isn't necessary to play tabletop games, but it can be helpful in preventing dice from rolling off the table, getting lost, or getting damaged. They also add aesthetic value to gaming setups​​.

Do You Need a Dice Tray for D&D?

For D&D players, a dice tray can be a good investment, especially in group settings where dice might roll off the table or get lost​​.

What is the Best Surface to Roll Dice On?

The best surface to roll dice on is flat and level, like a table, countertop, or floor. Neoprene or felt rolling mats can also be used to minimize dice bounce and keep them contained​​.

dnd dice tray dimensions

Typical dice tray dimensions vary, but they generally range from 6x6 inches to 12x12 inches. The size depends on personal preference, the number of dice rolled at once, and the space available for gaming. Some players prefer larger trays for rolling multiple dice or for games with more players, while others might choose smaller trays for ease of storage and portability. Custom dice trays can be made to any size to fit specific needs.